June 07, 2019


Late nights, early starts. Massive highs and excitement, sometimes worrying and stress. Being able to choose your own schedule and loving working for yourself, but never fully switching off. Starting your own business is a tale of extremes and the last 3 years have been an incredible ride and I’ve learnt so much.

From the beginning when my first sales were all to people I knew and their friends, to now sending parcels all over country and all over the world. I spent so much time in the early days driving around the country with my Citroen Picasso filled to the brim with stock on my way to the next pop-up, event or shopping party promoting the collection.

You can say my role has been quite varied… Researching brands, buying appointments and placing orders, travelling to trade shows, planning and strategy, speaking at events and being interviewed, social media, writing blogs, doing styling videos, planning photo shoots, website design, writing product descriptions and loading pieces on the website, picking and packing orders, checking deliveries and steaming and organising the stockroom, networking events, customer service, chasing parcels, accounting, DIY graphic design, e-mails. I’ve done it all and given it my all.

And those of you that know me, know that 2 rooms of my house and my kitchen table have been dedicated to the business- acting as my office, stockroom and warehouse fulfilment. And as my house nears capacity with my husband, 2 kids and a new puppy in the mix and the potential of future costs and organisation to move into paying for space or looking at warehouse fulfilment, I recently found myself considering whether the business in its current format is working out for me and worth my future time and effort. I’m a firm believer in listening to my gut and it was telling me that I needed to pivot and change.

So I’ve decided that this current season is the last season I will buy stock. SALE has launched today and it will be our last ever sale. I would like to thank all of you for all the support, love and orders. This is the end of me sending out packages from my house, but this is definitely not the end of BORN AT DAWN.

My mission when I started the business was to help you discover beautiful, effortless style and give you an alternative to mass-market and high street stores and I am still going to do this. I’ve got massive respect for the small fashion businesses and independent boutiques I’ve met along the way and I’m going to be shouting about them and sharing their amazing collections and next year I’ll be setting up a consultancy to help small businesses, sharing everything I’ve learnt in my fashion retail career and my journey as an entrepreneur.

But in the meantime, it’s SALE and it’s mega and it’s the last ever one so click here to check it out now. Love you all! Lucy x

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